Dynamic GNSS/INS Simulation Systems

that will make your job easier

GNSS Modeling
and Simulation

Wavefront Modeling
and Simulation

IMU Modeling
and Simulation

Interference Modeling
and Simulation

Our simulators are powerful accurate testing tools that support
military, government and commercial agencies worldwide.

Whether you’re testing for military or commercial operations you need navigation simulators that are powerful, accurate and operator friendly. A custom configured simulator eliminates the unknowns that come with live sky testing.

The CAST Navigation Mission

Our primary mission is to understand and deliver powerful GNSS/INS Simulation Systems that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, helping you make the decisions necessary to improve your company’s products and processes.

An Industry Leader For Over 40 Years

Engineered Clarity

GNSS/INS simulation systems provide you with a configurable test environment and unique capabilities enabling you to obtain more consistent and repeatable results compared to field testing. A dynamic GNSS/INS simulation system is only as good as its usability. CAST takes pride in providing state-of-the-art simulator technology paired with a powerful user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Custom Configurations

CAST Navigation’s specialized team of industry experts know the right questions to ask in order to provide you with a system configuration that matches your needs. We will help you to determine a system configuration that will help to enable you to meet your budgetary, testing and system integration requirements.

On Site Training

Because we engineer simplicity into complex functionality at every level, after delivery, our team of experts will provide you with the training and support necessary to allow you to quickly utilize your CAST system and achieve your goals.