Over 40 Years of Perfecting GNSS & INS Simulation Systems

The CAST Navigation Mission

Our primary mission is to understand and deliver powerful GNSS/INS Simulation Systems that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, helping you make the decisions necessary to improve your company’s products and processes.

A Singular Focus

We believe in doing one thing – and doing it well. We develop world-class GNSS/INS simulation systems. CAST Navigation focuses 100% on developing perfection in a single area: GNSS simulation.

How We Do It

Our meticulously designed and engineered simulators are honed by engineers into powerfully accurate aviation testing tools, EGI integration tools, EGI diagnostic tools, EGI support equipment, CRPA testing and more.

We offer full-service training, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to help you seamlessly maximize your technology’s capabilities.

By focusing all of our skills and resources in one area we have earned a reputation as a trusted industry leader by major military and commercial clients around the world.

Our Vision

We aim to set the industry standard through forward-thinking products, complete follow-through service, and elite customer support. We look to pioneer not only the next generation of GNSS technology, but to generations beyond.

Key Relationships

CAST has a long list of great professional relationships spanning over 40 years with top military and commercial names like Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Honeywell. We work regularly with these and similar companies to develop custom software and hardware.

Major Achievements

Our dedication to R&D has yielded numerous unique software and hardware innovations over the years. We’ve helped our military clients land UAVs on moving aircraft carriers and have tested GNSS systems in many commercial land vehicles and aircrafts.