CAST Navigation Presents The CAST 5000 GPS Wavefront Generator



(Tewksbury, MA)— CAST Navigation, a premier Massachusetts-based provider of simulation systems for Global Navigation Satellite and Inertial Navigation Systems, announced the showcasing of their

CAST 5000 GPS Wavefront Generator. The CAST-5000 is the only Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) tester currently on the market that allows a full end-to-end test of the antenna system.

“As a company that has dedicated itself to the provision of top-quality GNSS test equipment and complete follow-through services, our team could not be more proud of what we’ve created. Producing a single coherent wavefront of GPS RF signals to provide repeatable testing in the laboratory environment or anechoic chamber. The system is capable of generating up to seven independent, coherent simulations that reference a single point. With an intercard carrier phase error of less than one centimeter, the CAST-5000 is extremely accurate and represents what we believe is the best offering on the market,” said Lou Pelosi of CAST Navigation.

In addition to generating single coherent wavefront of GPS, the CAST 5000 has a host of other features that position it as a best-in class device. These features include 6-DOF motion generation capability, post mission processing, multipath modeling, time-tagged satellite events, and a modifiable navigation message among so many others. Buyers have the option of upgrading their CAST configuration to add anti-jam testing capability that enables the user to specify jamming levels and signal transmission characteristics for broadband and narrowband jammers.

As Pelosi continued, “Simply put, our mission is to provide excellence in GPS simulation products, and we have no doubt achieved that goal with the CAST 5000 Wavefront Generator.”

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About CAST Navigation:

For 35 years, CAST Navigation has lead the industry with a world-class portfolio of simulation systems for Global Navigation Satellite and Inertial Navigation Systems. Their carefully-designed navigation simulators are the heart and soul of the business, honed by their engineers into powerfully accurate aviation testing tools, EGI integration tools, EGI diagnostic tools, EGI support equipment, JDAM testing and more. The company also offers full-service training, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to help customers make the most of their technology. By focusing all of their skills and resources purely on providing top-quality GNSS test equipment and complete follow-through services, CAST Navigation has earned a reputation as a precise and trusted industry leader by major military and commercial clients.

Media Contact:
Lou Pelosi
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Telephone: (215) 444-9961

January 25, 2017