Developing Sea-Centric GPS: Opening Up to the Marine Market


Efforts to improve terrestrial GPS are to be expected – also to be expected is that these will only progress, as time goes on. But, software for marine navigation still needs improvement. If you choose to improve the existing tech in this sector, you’ll be opening up to a new market. The competition isn’t light, and every manufacturer wants to gain an edge over the other, but it’s not the most technical application that always wins. As you can see with Waze’s success, practicality beats almost everything.

In commercial marine trade, technology isn’t just a tool to complete jobs. If the current developments in the field signify anything, it’s that GPS will play a bigger role: contacting emergency services, ensuring trade safety and improving commerce, to name a few things. Developing a viable GPS product means you’ll enter the market leveraging the industry’s biggest needs –but that’s a big undertaking. You’ll need the best tools, and most likely, take to the field to learn the intricacies.

Mobile Solutions for Mobile Jobs

At CAST Navigation, our CAST-SIMCOM simulator is as good as any GNSS simulator, mobile or not. It has everything you need: real-world and repeatable testing, access to 12 satellites, and the software is highly programmable. You’ll be able to control units from a single PC point, enabling multi-monitoring and a wider reach.

Without synthetic structures (buildings) blocking the signal, you have one area that you need not worry about. Testing will be easy, but integrating features will be the trickier part. There are systems out that offer multiple, built-in capabilities. Outdoing these is a matter of creating a simpler experience.

Rest assured that you will get all the assistance you need when it comes to operating our mobile unit. We will make sure that you will be able to use the simulators to their fullest extent.

Don’t hesitate to drop CAST Navigation a call so that you’ll have the answers you need. Contact us today!

May 5, 2017