Discover CAST Navigation’s GNSS/INS Simulation Solutions at ION’s ITM Jan. 22-25


CAST Navigation will demonstrate its GNSS/INS simulators at this year’s ION International Technical Meeting in Long Beach, California. Visit Booth 5 during Exhibit Hall hours to see how GNSS, CRPA, Inertial, and Jamming simulators combine into complete navigation system development and testing solutions.

Since 1981, CAST Navigation has produced superior GPS, GNSS, and INS simulators for military and commercial customers. Our configurable solutions can meet the needs of instrument test projects and large-scale simulations of air, sea, land, and space vehicles. The CAST Navigation capabilities on display at the ITM will include:

GNSS: Multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS RF signals that are precise and repeatable for a broad range of testing and validation applications. User-configurable dynamic vehicle trajectories can simulate any conditions anywhere on Earth, in the lab.

CRPA: Generate dynamic, coherent RF wavefronts that combine GNSS and interference signals to test phased array antenna systems. The signals arrive at each antenna element spatially offset and phase coherent to accurately simulate antenna characteristics and behavior.

Inertial: Test complex EGI and GNSS/INS navigation systems with commensurate and concise – inertial data. CAST Inertial simulators let users configure navigation unit-specific output performance characteristics and drift rates for high-fidelity testing of loosely, tightly, or ultra-tightly coupled systems.

Jamming: Whether for civilian or military applications, GNSS interference poses a significant risk. CAST Jamming solutions deliver as many as eight waveform types with very low intermodulation noise to simulate natural and adversarial interference sources.

CAST Navigation’s modular design approach lets you configure simulator solutions that meet the immediate requirements of today’s projects while maintaining the scalability to meet future requirements.

Visit CAST Navigation at ION ITM Exhibit Hall Booth 5 to learn more about generating dynamic GNSS/INS simulations of vehicles moving on or above any terrain, any sea conditions, anywhere on the planet.


January 17, 2024