GNSS-INS: Where There Are No Pioneers


It’s no secret that some objects need no reinvention. The wheel is a perfect example; it has been a staple in human civilizations for millennia. Gold also passes as one of immaculate value. In the navigation world, only one thing can come close to this status: the GNSS-INS combination. Each technique makes up for what the other is lacking, and if you want a perfect system, your system should have both these aspects or nothing.

But, it’s hard to pioneer anything in the field because you’re bound to the limitations of GNSS and INS. Furthermore, to develop one is to develop the other, such is the nature of complementing systems. If you’re planning to adapt this, know that designing the system for whatever purpose is a critical step to take. For your GNSS-INS simulation system, no one better to trust than CAST Navigation’s own CAST-4000. With high-fidelity sensors, six degrees of freedom motion generation, an array of other features and endless refinement, you can expect our products to give you top-notch service in the field.

Area One: Longevity

High-end INS systems can only give you a few hours of service. Depending on the application, a few hours can be just enough or just not enough. When designing your own a GPS-INS system, this will come to the fore one way or another. Not the most pressing matter, but one that you can improve.

Area Two: Simplicity

An engineer’s conundrum, they often make UIs that only they can understand. If you will deploy the system, the simplicity will make it easy for everyone to use.

Area Three: Scale

Reducing requirements is an important aspect to some, especially in projects that aim to deploy a GNSS-INS unit for less cost. It may be much trickier to do, considering that improving the TTFF and re-acquisition time, feedback processing, velocity compensation and other actions will force you to utilize more powerful processors and integration of new architecture. So, when down-scaling on the size, you must upscale its capabilities to go with the modern trend.

It will all be challenging, but we believe that everyone in your team is up to the task. Give them the tools they need and turn to CAST Navigation. Contact us today.

June 24, 2017