How GNSS Plays a Role in Consumer-Level R&D


It hasn’t been too long since GPS devices were separate devices from smartphones. Now, consumer-level technology can’t get enough of location services, especially in the autonomous driving sector (i.e., driverless cars), and smartphones, of course. Moving forward, people will require better services – and, to encourage smoother product reception, it’s important to pin down the biggest issues, right from the start.

This is why Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) played a big role in the recent Mobile World Congress. From self-driving cars to wearable tech, navigation simulation’s fingerprint is everywhere, as you can expect in a world that deems GPS a necessity. But, there’s an underlying trend here, and it’s about improving connectivity and fueling the autonomous sector.

GPS Playing a Bigger Role

If you’re doing R&D on consumer electronics, no other GNSS simulation system in the market is better than our products at CAST Navigation. You can cover all possibilities in all kinds of situation to ensure that you test the GPS capability before public rollout.

This isn’t just about making the best first impression, however, as GPS now plays a bigger role. For starters, there’s been a lot of interest in people and pet tracking, lately. It’s not a market that will have you racing for the next great discovery in navigation, but release a good piece of technology, and the industry will follow you. There are also efforts towards developing telematics-based safety equipment, in which the machine will automatically call for the nearest medical assistance. You can bet that GPS will have a big role in this one, as well.

The autonomous tech industry takes the cake as GNSS’ biggest market. Silicon Valley giants are racing to create the next step in self-driving cars, and if you’re going to take this market, you better bring your A-game in creating cost-efficient solutions. The competition will be fierce, and every player will be gunning to reduce hundred-dollar gadgets to a $20 price point, without a downturn in quality.

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April 28, 2017