INS interface card


In 2008 CAST designed and developed our own INS interface card.  This card is based on our experience using the Field Programmable Gate Array technology.  The interface card is very flexible and supports up to four channels of hi-speed RS422/SDLC outputs.  The outputs can be configured to provide delta-V and delta-thetas either synchronously or asynchronously commensurate to the LN-100, LN-200, LN-251 and LN-260 Northrop Grumman platforms or the HG-1700 and JDAMS platforms that have been developed by Honeywell. 

All of the efforts described over the last 31 years have taken CAST approximately 4,030 man months to achieve.  These efforts have culminated in the ability of CAST to design and produce what we believe is the cutting edge of next generation GPS satellite simulators/stimulators that are available on the market today.  We call this newest piece of technology the SGX. 

June 14, 2008