CAST Navigation to Demonstrate GNSS/INS Simulation Capabilities at ION ITM January 23-26


CAST Navigation will exhibit at this year’s ION International Technical Meeting, being held January 23-26 in Long Beach, California. Visit us at Booth 4 between ITM to learn more about our simulation capabilities

With over four decade’s experience, CAST Navigation has a proven record of delivering results for military and commercial customers. Our solutions include one or more simulation capabilities:

GNSS: Generate precise and repeatable GNSS RF signals from up to sixteen visible satellites for each antenna element. Configure scenarios to simulate simultaneously up to four different constellation types. CAST-GNSS simulators support all GPS signal types, including M-Code MNSA.

CRPA: Test phased-array antenna systems in a laboratory environment with CAST-CRPA simulators. Our systems generate a precise, coherent, and repeatable RF wavefront for each CRPA antenna element. Add IMU signals to stimulate embedded GPS/INS (EGI) and other modern navigation systems.

Inertial: Stimulate INS and GNSS/INS navigation systems with high-fidelity, high-rate inertial data from a CAST-Inertial simulator. Whether the inertial sensor and GNSS receiver are loosely, tightly, or ultra-tightly coupled, our systems generate dynamic signals to meet the most extreme scenario.

Jamming: CAST-Jammer sub-systems let you add natural and adversarial interference to your antenna and GNSS testing applications. Our systems deliver up to eight independently-controlled waveform types to as many as eight antenna output elements. Proprietary FPGA technology delivers clean, powerful waveforms with very low intermodulation noise.

You will see how our simulators’ intuitive graphical interfaces let you create sophisticated, real-world simulation scenarios by setting variables including: CAST Navigation will exhibit at this year’s ION International Technical Meeting, being held

  • Vehicle Type: Maritime, terrestrial, aviation, and space.
  • 6-DOF Trajectories: Programmed or recorded.
  • Environmental: Atmospheric delays, multipath, terrain obscuration, sea state, and more.
  • GNSS: Output signal types, output levels, almanac, ephemeris, and more.
  • CRPA: RF output count, GNSS signal type and visible satellite count, antenna gain pattern, and more.
  • Inertial: Platform type, IMU interface type
  • Jammer: Output signal waveform type and power level; jammer source location and trajectory; pop-up timing and more.

Once you see our simulation capabilities in action — separately and as integrated solutions — speak with a CAST Navigation representative to learn how a GNSS/INS simulation solution can improve your development and testing programs.

January 17, 2023