Join CAST Navigation at the 2023 Joint Navigation Conference June 12-15


See how CAST Navigation’s GNSS/INS simulator solutions bring the world to your lab by visiting us at the 2023 Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) from June 12-15 in San Diego, California. The annual conference provides a forum for the military, government, and industry to discuss developments in positioning, navigation, and timing technologies. Stop by Booth 207 to learn how CAST Navigation GNSS/INS simulators produce accurate, repeatable results for military and commercial customers.

From static positions to dynamic aerial maneuvers, from storm-tossed seas to low Earth orbits, CAST Navigation simulators let you test GNSS, inertial, and controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) systems on any vehicle under any condition without leaving the lab.

Visit the CAST Navigation booth to learn how we tailor simulator solutions that combine:

Global Navigation Satellite System Simulation

Simulate multiple constellations, frequencies, and signals — including GPS L1, L2, L5, Y-code, and M-code. Create scenarios based on the high-dynamic motion of any vehicle type and place the vehicle anywhere on the planet.

Inertial Measurement Unit Simulation

Test complex EGI and GNSS/INS navigation systems using CAST Inertial simulators’ high-rate inertial data. Configure IMU sensor block performance to create high-fidelity simulations of specific navigation units.

Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna Simulation

Generate a complete set of RF signals for each element of a CRPA system. This simulated signal wavefront, referenced to the phase center of the antenna manifold, provides the precise, coherent, and repeatable output needed to test CRPA antennas in the lab.

Jamming and Interference Simulation

CAST Jammer solutions let you add up to eight independently-controlled RF interference sources, each with its own trajectory and performance profile. Emulate urban interference or hostile jamming to evaluate the performance of single-element and multi-element antenna systems.

June 1, 2023