SGX is a handheld GPS


In 2012 the SGX was introduced. The SGX is a handheld GPS satellite simulator that is based on our existing Virtex-4 FPGA design that is used in our larger military products.  The SGX is capable of generating up to 16 satellites of GPS L1 C/A and P-codes for any location on earth as well as earth orbit.  The SGX interface is via an ultra-bright backlit interactive LCD touch screen panel that is viewable in direct sunlight under most circumstances.  The SGX is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that gives the user approximately 8 hours of operation on a single charge.  The unit can also be operated on 120/240 VAC with the included power adapter.  The SGX has a very small footprint and is lightweight in design that allows for convenient laboratory or in the field stimulation/testing of many different kinds of GPS devices. The SGX also has the CAST INS technology built into the hardware design but this capability has not been implemented yet.

June 14, 2012